Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Free Page Rank display button for your blog

Many blogs and websites show off their Page Rank with a button like this:

Google Page Rank Checker

Display Google Page Rank

You can use this free tool to generate your own PageRank button display which updates dynamically each time your PageRank is updated, so you can always be sure that your correct ranking is displayed.

To use this free tool, simply enter the full URL of your blog and click "Check PR. Your blog's current PageRank will be displayed, along with a selection of buttons you can choose from to display in your site. When you click on a button style, the code will be generated for you to copy and paste in your blog where you would like the PageRank display button to appear.


You will get result both for www. as well as without www. cases.

Domain name:

What is Page Rank?

PageRank is one of the methods Google uses to determine a page's relevance or importance. Pagerank fraud is becoming a serious problem. It is achieved when offending webistes use a 301 or 302 redirects that point their sites to sites with a high Pagerank.

Google PageRank results from a "ballot" among all the other pages on the World Wide Web about how important a page is on a scale of 0-10. A website or blog with a high PageRank is considered more important than one with a lower PageRank. Read more about PageRank on this post.

(At present, Blogger Buster does not yet have a PageRank. This is because I created the Blogger Buster domain just after the last PageRank update. Hopefully this will soon change!)

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Will Google PageRank be updated soon?

If you use the Google Toolbar, you may well be familiar with Google PageRank as you can see the rank of any site in your toolbar. The toolbar PageRank was usually updated every three months, but we have not yet seen an update since April-almost five months ago now!

For many newer sites, this has been rather disappointing (here at Blogger Buster, for example, we still have a PageRank of 0, despite efforts to improve this). So why is this update taking so long, and when can we expect to see an update?

PageRank is the status given to sites by Google which can help web-users understand their importance. Rank is determined on a scale of 0-10 with a rank of ten being attained only by sites such as Google Yahoo and MSN. IOt has long been understood that if you can acquire backlinks from high ranking sites, your own site's PR will in turn be improved, since effectively the higher PR site will be "endorsing" the content of your own.

However, many services have taken this too far, offering paid backlinks which have no real relevance to the quality of a site's content. Of course, Google do not like this as it means bad quality (and even spam) websites could achieve a much higher PageRank than they really deserve.

So, for this PageRank update, Google seem to be making changes to the algorythms used in deciding PageRank in order to be fair to the sites which deserve it, and lowering the PR of sites which use paid links or attempt to cheat the system.
Here's the good news

Although we are only able to see changes in PageRank using the Google Toolbar (or sites such as the BB Tools PR Checker), PageRank is updated very frequently indeed. This is altered in Googles internal PageRank system, and can be reflected in the search results pages when doing a Google search.

Sites which previously had a PR of "n/a" because they were so new may now have a PR of 0 instead, which usually means that they will be given a more appropriate PageRank in an imminent update.

The general consensus of sites I have read when researching this post is that the next PR update will happen rather soon, though it's anyone's guess when a subsequent update will happen.

In the long run, I'm sure that the updates to the existing PR allocation system will work better for us all: quality content-driven sites will be awarded a higher PageRank than those which don't deserve a second glance!

For those of you who are (like me) impatient to see a PageRank update, I found a useful PageRank prediction tool over at iwebtool.com. This uses the number of backlinks to your site to provide a prediction of your PageRank for the next Google update. Unlike other similar tools, this one does not require that you already have a PageRank to offer a prediction, and also offers a percentage of accuracy for the prediction. Blogger Buster, for example, has been predicted to have a PageRank of 3-4 with a percentage accuracy of 86%.

Have a try with your own blog URLs and let me know what you think. I will of course post when Google do finally update PageRank, and will continue to twiddle my thumbs until then!

source: blogger buster

Saturday, September 15, 2007

PPP blogs suffer the greatest Google slap yet!

Today it seems almost all blogs which use Pay Per Post have been reduced to a PageRank of ZERO!

I could hardly believe Google would stoop so very low as to punish bloggers in this way when I first heard the news this morning. After the recent lowering of PR for blogs which use Text-Link-Ads and the like, it seems to me that Google are punishing anyone and everyone who uses an alternative (and dare I say, better paid) alternative to AdSense monetization in their blogs!

For those of you who do use Pay-Per-Post, please don't worry too much. From what I read in the forums over there, PPP are looking into alternative methods of ranking blogs for paid posts. You can check out this thread for information on this subject.

Thankfully I don't feature any paid posts on this site, so my PR has remained stable. I am so sorry for all of you whose PageRank has been reduced to zero. I don't yet know for certain if the strange Pagerank behavior is a temporary glitch or an all round slap for paid bloggers, but you can be sure that once I know more about this, I will be sure to post the info here for you all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Google dictate "no-follow" for ALL links from compensated content?

If you're at all concerned about Google's "punishment" to bloggers who post sponsored content, you really need to read this post by Ted Murphy on the Izea blog (Izea owns Pay Per Post). In this post, Ted explains the discussion he had with Google's Matt Cutts earlier this month at PubCon, where they talked about using "no-follow" tags for links in sponsored content.

Although Izea how now decided to require "no-follow" for all links to an advertiser in posts made through SocialSpark. However:

Matt commended the decision, but then added ALL links inside of any sponsored post should carry the no-follow tag period, regardless of whether they are required, not required or even link to the advertiser paying for the post. (Ted Murphy)

Yikes, Google really are getting serious about this now!

Andy Beard has followed up on this post with a really great article about the ramifications of Google's decision, which I strongly suggest you read if you have any concern about paid content and the perils of followed links.

While I do no sponsored posts here at Blogger Buster (or indeed any of my blogs), I am now rather concerned that any advertising I choose to feature in my blog may eventually subject me to Google's wrath, as I'm sure many other bloggers are too. Does this mean that all bloggers who receive any sort of compensation from their blogs should insert "no-follow" on all outgoing links to be absolutely certain that we don't incur Google's wrath?

I certainly hope not! For me, this would undermine one of the core principles of blogging: the ability to link to between blogs, create dynamic content and a generate a sense of community which the search engines pick up on and deliver to the internet as a whole.

As Andy rightly puts forth:

This really is looking less and less about the quality of search results, and more about the failings of Google's algorithms.

I sincerely hope that Google's Webmaster guidelines are soon updated to include a clear and concise explanation of the way Google expects us to link to other content in our blogs without fear of losing PageRank and search results status!

I know that many of you believe that links in paid posts should not be followed by search engines, but I honestly believe that such drastic restrictions on links which can or can't be followed will eventually affect any blogger who has ads or is somehow compensated to blog. Please do let me know your opinions on this matter by leaving your comments below.

source: Blogger Buster