Sunday, August 28, 2011

Add Scrolling Headlines Widget to Your Blog for Professional Blog Design

Scrolling Headlines widget shows recent post titles of your blog like scrolling news headlines as seen in new web sites and TV news channels. Adding the widget to your blogger beta is very easy. In the following form

  1. Enter your blog name
  2. Enter the number of recent post titles which needs to be shown by the widget
  3. Click on Add Widget to my blog
Customize Headlines Scroller Widget

Your blog address:

Number of posts:


Open posts:

Headlines bullet:

Please leave a comment or send a message through Contact Me form (available in the right side top corner) if would like to suggest enhancements to this widget.

In the coming weeks I'm going to release few more widgets. Please do check the site often for updates or subscribe to our news letter. The list of Widgets which will be released soon are

  1. Scrolling Comments Widget
    • Shows comments of your posts as a scrolling headlines text
  2. Scrolling Comments Widget (Comments of a single post)
    • Shows comments of the current post alone as a scrolling headlines text
  3. Recent Posts Widget
    • Show recent posts of the blog
  4. Recent Posts Widget(specific label)
    • Show recent posts of the blog which are labeled with a specific word

You can also suggest us if you have any widget concept in your mind.We will try our level best to develop the widget for you.

Update on 15-July-2007

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